The Zen Zone

by Jim Krenz

The tyranny of distractions can manifest procrastination. To defeat distractions, I devised parameters to eliminate them.

When I want to give my all to a project or task, I place it into what I call a ‘Zen Zone.’ I do everything to eliminate potential distractions: this includes shutting my door, clearing my desk, turning off the phone and even unplugging the Internet, if possible. If I am using a program, I set it to be full-screen (or at least quit all other programs). I play non-vocal music at a low volume (to prevent unwanted noises from reaching my attention threshold). With an absence of all distractions, I find that focus, inspiration and motivation flow freely. It takes commitment to place an item into the Zen Zone, but the results often exceed my expectations. When I leave the Zen Zone, I feel refreshed and proud of the accomplishments made while in it.

I hope the Zen Zone allows you to “become one” with your productivity desires!

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